Meandering - 2014

Works in Meandering express my fascination with movement, liquidity and the layering of time. During my art practice, I have passionately returned to creating flowing calligraphic ink lines, both small scale and body sized, as a practice which invites creative flow and inspiration.

There are more than twenty 9 x 12" ink drawings which integrate linear qualities from drawing and sculptures of 20th century masters like Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, and Alexander Calder. They have certainly influenced me in line drawings with whimsy, playfulness, and passion for simplicity of line. The ink and acrylic banners and 24 x 30" ink drawings and bleach drawings are more inspired by natural processes. The 2013 pastel drawings integrate both elements from art history and interactions in nature to create an energized intersection of motion with matter. The pastels describe where co- existent realities meet and affect each other. 

In the pastels, this is also a place of transformation where vapor becomes solid or light influences matter. These phenomena are everyday like photosynthesis happening within leaves during daylight hours. Process of erosion may be so slow that it is imperceptible to those standing on the shore as the river wears away its banks. In these elusive and sometimes imperceptible spaces, forms slowly revitalize, wrap, breakdown and transform. The drawing “Above and Below”has a landscape sensibility which is rich in detail and stark. Forms imply both known and unknown forms and resonate with the unconscious.

I ask myself, could what is hidden be more fundamental than what is seen? In an attempt to understand and address this question, I make visible intersections and influences that are more tactile than visual like heat, air, liquid water body mass or emotional energies like kindness and aggression. Drawing, I experienced the energy of the lines and marks as a River's energy at various stages of development. The flowing river carries sediment and creates deltas, it carves earth and rock banks and deepens its own channel. Over time, it creates deep curves with a meandering slower water flow. Its shape becomes snake-like. Gradually through its flow, the river acts as creator, shaping itself and the surrounding terrain, often gently, and sometimes fiercely.

It is my wish that this art exhibition be a distillation, crystallization and clarification of energetic boundaries. Through my work, I imagine looking into a deep and very still body of water and being able to see to a new depth. This work comes from fascination with the development and unfolding of form through natural processes, which parallels creation of art and languages and touches the spiritual. As an artist, I celebrate the process of creativity and re-creation. This show explores the nature of inter- connectedness during change and re-creation, inherent in life itself, living and "non- living" beings interact and in their womb of creation form is born. Creation and destruction are intertwined.